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Welcome to Your New Company!

Your new company in just a few steps: this is how the order process works:

  • Your New Company's Details:
    Start here to specify, among other things, the name, and the legal form of your new company.
  • Supplementary Services:
    Pleae select here which other tasks we may perform for you – in addition to the actual formation – the basic assignment. Which optional service to take depends on your answer to the question: "Can I do it all by myself?" If the answer is "No." then please assign us.
  • Founders and Directors:
    We have to know who the founders of your new company are and who will manage this company in the future. You will specify this on this page.
  • Miscellaneous:
    This page will you have, among other things, the opportunity to send us any further comments. We are thinking of details that the form does not allow you to communicate. You can also subscribe to our free legal newsletter!
  • ORDER:
    This page offers you a very last check on all your details again before you order. Make sure that you have secured all the support you need. The order button at the bottom of this page will only be activated as soon as the whole form is completely filled out.

Complete later?

  • By the way:
    Once you have finished filling out and saving a page / section, you can pause and continue filling out the other sections later at any time. We will store your entries in the mean time. Please enter your e-mail address to receive a unique link to your personal order form: