Representation of a Foreign Company in Germany

A representation is not a legal form of a company but more like a domestic agent. German law does not really know the concept "representation". This is the smallest and cheapest footprint in Germany. If you want to have a "dormant company" in Germany and it is absolutely indefinite whether or not a German corporation will be filled with life then take a rep office. If this dormancy is only temporary then and it is sure that real business will be made in Germany then best go directly found a corporation.

What is needed to set-up a representative office?

A representation can be anywhere in Germany. But when your business is new in Germany, then best start in the country's capital – and not just “anywhere”. A rep office requires a presence with at least a physical correspondence address in Germany. Such “legal form”, will typically not result in any corporate taxation.

Though some red tape is involved, setting up a representation is straight forward and uncomplicated. You just need to provide a physical address and a person to represent you towards the authorities. German authorities require a physical address in Germany for the sake of communication. This be best somebody that can effectively communicate with them. Easiest and cheap approach for a representation is taking out a virtual office from our associate Beam my Presence to Germany UG

This address as well as the contact person may be with your employee in Germany but we suggest that my services that your company has somebody at hand that can professionally deal with German authorities – be it as their lawyer or just as their physical representative.

A representation is best for:

  • testing the German market prior to opening a company for real business,
  • German physical address of the company, when wanting to hire personnel,
    (N.B. German authorities will only exceptionally grant any foreigner a resident permit for employment, when the employer is not established in Germany.)
  • payroll issues
  • ...
What about taxes for a representation?

Generally, a representation is not subject to any taxes because it does transact any business in Germany. Its sole function is just to represent the company. Business is transacted and invoices are written at headquarters – from your company.

Beam my Presence to Germany UG (limited liability) is my associate in providing virtual offices and registered addresses for your GmbH or UG or a Branch of a Foreign Company in Germany in Germany.
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