Online Bilingual Dictionaries, Translators, and German lessons – for free

plattforms for translations, dictionary and German lessons

This article will give you a short list of referrals that are free of cost and can be often added as a search engine or plugin to your browser. Listed are bilingual dictionaries, online translators, and German lessons. Yes, a lot of competitors with Google are listed. Google translator is not bad but there are special translation engines available that will bring better results than Prof. Google.

1. German <=> English Dictionaries:


Acronym Finder

German Cooking Glossary

Deutsche Verben Konjugieren

Dict.Cc Dictionary


Food and Drink Glossary

Foreign Word

Inter-Active Terminology for Europe



Linguee - Dictionary for German/English Phrases

PONS Online

Search in 23 Corpus-Based Monolingual Dictionaries


Webster's Online

Your Dictionary

2. Translators Online:


FoxLingo – Firefox plugin to translate websites

Free Translation



3. Lessons Online:

AboutGerman – get your daily German word as your starting page


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