Remote Founding of a Company in Germany

The law expects as a standard that the founder(s) and new director(s) personally visit the notary to celebrate the founding of a new company and the founder(s) may sign the articles of association and the director(s) apply to register the company and affirm that he is in good standing.

On other hand, a foreign investor might consider it too costly to come over to Germany for a whole day just to make the signatures with the notary and later go online to register with a bank. As we also embrace economically wise approaches, we developed a solution with our notary how to legally avoid the founder(s) and director(s) having to travel.

We will organize in collaboration with the notary the power of attorney and the director's affirmations and let you sign them. Some of these documents need to be signed and some also notarized and legalized. When forwarding you these documents to be signed, we will also provide you with instructions how each document needs to be treated.

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