Company Proxy Director for Germany – Acquire now Alexander Baron von Engelhardt

The official function of the proxy is like a vice director. I have elaborately described these functions here. Please diligently study by clicking this sentence.

Having me as your company's proxy director would have a double advantage. Banks, authorities, business partner have a German based in Germany who speaks their language. I also speak English – as a bilingual native speaker. This brings best esteem to all involved and they almost instantly lose any worries. The biggest advantage is that I will be available as a freelancing professional support always at your side - whenever and however you need it.

The real advantage will be around daily business life of the company. You can assign either the lawyer or your German assistant! Normally, my hourly rate starts with € 400 /hr ex VAT for corporations. I will ask for less, when I am to function as the company's proxy director. Acting as the company's proxy director will cost only € 150 /hr and when I serve as your lawyer, the time fee will be € 300 /hr - to be invoiced towards the company. For "petty matters", my assistant will be available for € 50 / hr. This is a very cost-effective approach.

How will the differentiation practically work? The differentiation is simple:

  • use of the corresponding email,
  • when it is not legal consultation!
  • etc.

For me to support your business as proxy, you will either provide with an email account for me with your company's domain or I will open a special email account like "". Any and all outgoing correspondence via that email will have the company on BCC - your email. This will enable you to rest assured that your are always informed.

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