Who is Alexander?

Born: 1961, in New York, N.Y.
Citizenships: German and (until 2019 also) American
Appointment as attorney in 1997 in Berlin
baptized in Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America,
confirmed and married in American Church Berlin e.V.
Alexander von Engelhardt

How to Understand Alexander

His elders coming from Lithuania, Russia, Slesia, Masuria, he has been inspired from their cultures and has combined them with his most dominant cultural mindsets, the U.S. and German.

English Speaking Lawyer in Berlin

Speaking English is one thing – understanding is another. Alexander prefers to communicate straightforward. A "no" comes from him just as easy as a "yes". Yet, some cultures are not used to this kind of communication. Alexander, however, considers it most important that you correctly and not only possibly understand his consultation / your situation. Therefore, please do not be offended! When you have to communicate "no" and this is inconvenient for you because you consider it impolite, so please give him a break and negate your response as much as possible without really breaking with your culture! Consider Alexander relies on being understood and that he understands you. Consider straightforwardness as a chance, a new possibility.

School Education:

elementary and junior high school in Connecticut; U.S.A.
Abitur (high school) in Germany,

Legal Education:

Law Studies:

  • Traditional universities of Marburg and Goettingen,
  • Referendariat (Practical Legal Training)/ with Internships i.a. at:
  • Higher Regional Court in Celle,
  • Chamber for Commercial Matters at Regional Court in Hanover,
  • Federal Ministry of Economy in Prague, Czech and Slovak Federal Republic.

Academical Activities:

Research fellow on the project "Privatizing Institutions in East, East Central and Southeast Europe" by Prof. Dr. Herwig Roggemann at East Europe Institute of Free University Berlin: Report on Czech an Slovak Republics, using original sources in 1993



  • Business Immigration, online training paper for attorneys, with DAI Deutscher Anwaltsinstitut e.V.,
  • "The Legal Guide for Living in Germany", 2003, eBook published by himself; paper-back published by Weißensee Verlag, www.Legal-Guide.info, legal portal for aliens in private and business, relaunched to www.LG2G.info
  • etc.


  • Correct Legal Form for Startups
  • Webinar with BAMIK GmbH on employing foreigners – in German,
  • etc


and its Working Group Migration Law

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American Church in Berlin e.V.

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