Foreigners inside a Company

Can Foreigners hold positions in German Companies?

As a foreigner may I open a company in Germany?

Are you wondering whether you as an alien may be a shareholder of a German company? You may worry no longer. It permissible that any non-German may be a shareholder and also its director. If you want to understand more on why being a foreigner is no issue for being a shareholder, just click this sentence.

May I live and work in Germany and work as the shareholder of my company?

Well, a shareholder does not typically work for his company -- that's why directors exist. Shareholders have only assets with their shares. Therefore, you will never get a residence permit simply because you are a shareholder.

May I live and work in Germany and work as the director of my company?

Yes, this is quite well imaginable. You will need a permit based on §21 I AufenthG. Typical exceptions to have such permit will be that you already have an unrestricted work permit. You have an unrestricted work permit when your title reads like "Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet".

Do I have to visit Germany to found? The thing is, I would need a visa to come and getting one takes so awfully long.

You may visit Germany and it would be a pleasure to meet you in person. But this is not necessary when this is an inconvenience for you. For this reason, we developed a remote founding procedure. Check out for more information on remote founding here by clicking this sentence!