Locating Emergency Call

Paramedics, when called, have little time to search for their clients. Placing an emergency call is quick and easy from a cell phone. Nowadays, almost everybody has one. But how to track a cell phone in general – or let alone in a forest? Imagine, in Berlin almost every district has its own “Berliner Str.” and when this detail is overlooked…

The Björn Steiger Stiftung initiated the first costfree location of emergency calls from cell phones in 2006. Now, this security gap has been finally closed. Thanks to the spread of mobiles, placing an emergency call is easy, but it has one aggravating disadvantage: Many persons cannot say where they are because they do not know their exact position. Too much valuable time is lost trying the person desiring first aid.

Due to this locating platform, rescue personnel can now quickly find their destination. Because of the Ordinance on Emergency Calls (Notrufverordnung), a previous registration of a cell phone is no longer necessary.

Sequence of events

  1. emergency call is placed via 112,
  2. headquarters will take the emergency call,
  3. location of the cell phone via radio cell,
  4. paramedics are directed to their destination,
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