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In Germany, as well as everywhere else it important to be up-to-date. Finding out what is going on back home is mostly not so much the problem thanks to Internet and (Satellite) TV. But how about being informed on what is happing when living abroad on what is happening just around you? Where and how to find out, what is going on here in Germany or Europe – and that in English? This article will give you a few clues:




Public TV online offspin
BBC Private News Channel
CNN Private News Channel
Davids Medienkritik-online

Private site for "politically incorrect oberservations on reporting in the German Media".

They are admittingly very biased.
Deutsche Welle Public Radio, TV, and News Channell in multiple languages informs also on cultural and social topics
EuroNews Private News Channel,
offers also live TV
ExBerliner Local Monthly Magazine
GermanSky MultiChannel Sattelite TV
Immoty Private News Channel
National Public Radio Private Radio News Station
Sign and Sight

Internet site which evaluates and recapitulates daily the feuilletons of the largest German newspapers and presents weekly international magazine reviews, translations of the currently most important newspaper articles.

SkySat Europe MultiChannel Sattelite TV
Spiegel Private Magazine, online offspin
The Local Germany's News in English

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