Individualized UG in Germany

What is the difference between a standard and individual UG? The requirements for an individual UG are the same as the standard setup of a UG but with some major differences. Your company will have:

  • more than one director,
  • more than three shareholders,
  • initial capital of more than € 300,
  • and / or
  • articles of association differing from what the statute provides.

Already one of these differences disqualify your setup to be standard. The lawmaker wanted to setup a competitive legal structure to the UK Limited and also provide startups with an affordable setup to start their business and look out for an investor. For this reason parliament reduced the legal costs as shown for the standard formation in order to enhance low budget corporate start-ups.

Eligibility as Foreigner to Open a Company in Germany

Are you wondering whether you as an alien may be a shareholding director of a German company? You may worry no longer. It permissible that any non-German may be a shareholder even also its director. If you want to understand more why being a foreigner is no issue to be a shareholder, just click this sentence. When you are not or do not wish to come to Germany, then you can found it and run it from abroad as well. I can represent you at the notary and other authorities but only introduce you to a bank.

Difference between GmbH and UG

Read about this here: Image of UG in Daily Business Life

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Are you in a hurry?

When you are in hurry, decide to change to buy a readymade company. What is the difference? Your need to engage in business! While the founding lasts about 2.5 months until you have your VAT-ID, you can start with German and non-European sales right after visiting the notary! We can arrange an appointment at the notary in around two weeks.

Beam my Presence to Germany UG (limited liability) is our associate in providing virtual offices for your GmbH or UG or representation in Germany.


process of founding an individual UG

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