Services for foreigners


My services cater to the anglophone foreigner wanting to live in Germany – be it for business, employment or private reasons.



  • Business Services

    Services for Businesses in General

    We help business for general needs once the company is running as well. You will find below a list of services most previously provided by us.

  • Corporate Services

    Corporate Services

    Additional Corporate Services

    We will gladly serve you by setting-up your company, or supporting you in running your already founded company. We also assist with winding-up your business (liquidation), be it private partnerships or corporate enterprises. We serve the flourishing foreign business as well as the low-budget companies with turnkey solutions.

    Our approach is that we take care of all the red tape, so you don't have to. Your should be free to focus on your business, or when liquidating, on the new venture!

    The following topics could be of interest for you.

    • Additional Services when Founding


      Additional Services when Founding

      Here we want to introduce further optional services for you to enhance your founding experience. They are all optional, which simply means, if we are not hired to take care of them, you will have to. Please choose what you wish and / or need.


  • German Citizenship Services

    German Citizenship Services

    Please find here an overview of our services around naturalization and acknowledging German nationality by virtue of birth or declaration.

  • Immigration Services: Business

    Business Immigration Services

    Business immigration services are all about bringing successful businesspeople to Germany to create new business opportunities. Welcome businesses are artists, freelancers, shareholding directors, and tradepersons (Gewerbetreibende).

    Services for Business Immigration

    The services for applying for a residence permit for working as an individual in self-employment will be introduced on the following subpages, as each group has different needs.


  • Immigration Services: Labor

    Immigration Services: Employment

    Here we would like to introduce you to our services for labor migration. We offer support in applying for a residence permit as an academic or non-academic specialist and for candidates for an EU Blue Card.

    Are you uncertain whether you have any chance at all? Do you need support to find a job? If so, we have developed a special offer for you. We test your chances for employment immigration, whether any recognition of any diploma or training is needed, and afterwards reach out to our partnering recruiters that they find your dream job.

  • Immigration Services: Private

    Private Immigration Services

    The following service areas relate to people who want to live in Germany for private reasons. I usually offer full service - from preparing the application to defending it when authorities question it. If you need / want more or less assistance and services, please negotiate. We will find a solution that  fits your needs.

    Packed luggage for private immigration to Germany

  • Immigration Services: EU
  • Immigration Services: Freelancers

    Immigration Services for Freelancers

    First we want to clarify the meaning of “freelancing”! Generically, it is pretty much synonymous to "self-employment" of individuals running a business – not incorporated. In Germany we consider as freelancers what you would call "white collar" professionals. The "official" translation of the Residence Act translates the German word "Freiberuf" as "self-employment".

    When you are a freelancer or freelancing artist and want to live in Germany, we will help you obtain the entry visa and/or residence permit. We can also assist you with extending your residence permit.

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