Denial of a Visa

When will they refuse me a visa?

A visa may be denied for a number of reasons, some of which being that the applicant:

  • has committed fraud or misrepresentation in his or her application,
  • has a criminal record or has criminal charges pending,
  • is considered to be a security risk,
  • cannot prove to have strong ties to their current country of residence,
  • intends to reside or work permanently in the country she/he will visit if not applying for an immigrant or work visa respectively,
  • does not have a legitimate reason for the journey,
  • has no visible means of sustenance,
  • does not have travel arrangements (i.e. transport and lodging) ,
  • does not have a health/travel insurance valid for the destination and the duration of stay,
  • is not of a good moral character,
  • is applying on an excessively short notice without justifiable reason,
  • had their previous visa application(s) rejected and cannot prove that the reasons for the previous denials no longer exist or are not applicable anymore,
  • is a citizen of a country with whom the host country has poor or non-existent relations,
  • has a contagious disease, such as tuberculosis,
  • has previous visa/immigration violations,
  • has a passport that expires too soon,
  • didn't use a previously issued visa at all without a valid reason (e.g. a trip cancellation due to a family emergency),
  • fails to demonstrate intent to return (for non-immigrants)
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My visa application has been rejected without a reason being given. What can I do against it?

According to § 77 II AufenthG, no reasons have to be given when a visa application is rejected. You do however have the option of writing to the consulate asking for the reasons leading to the rejection of your application and giving statement why you feel the decision of the consulate is not correct. This procedure is known as "remonstration". Please note that the remonstration has to be submitted by yourself or by a lawyer.

My visa has been refused. When can I apply again?

Generally, you the right to apply as much and as often as you want. This is only theory! If you just repeat your application without new reasons / proofs / whatsoever, you will only get another denial. If you put forward new arguments or clarify misunderstandings, the case decider will reconsider the case in a new light and maybe grant the visa. Planning to travel with a group? Do the others in the group a big favor and apply separately.

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