Immigration Services for Artists now Living Abroad

When you are a freelancing artist and want to live in Germany as a self-employed artist, we will help you obtain the entry visa and/or residence permit in several steps and accordingly invoice you. In other words, we will invoice you step by step upfront. If you diligently follow our instructions, I would like to guarantee that you can get the permit on the spot at the appointment. 

Step 1: Preparing the Application:

This step is the most crucial and here we both have to be correct at the most! We will supply you with the following services:

  1. supplying a checklist for any documents to be submitted, except for your CV,
  2. instruction at which office they are to be submitted,
  3. general instruction on the application proceedings (duration, fees, opening hours, etc.) two-step procedure, in order for you to know what will happen when and why,
  4. provide the mandatory application (prefilled out for your convenience), resp. prepare the online appointment service from the consulate, German authorities hate sloppiness and chances decline when the application form evidently misses important information,
  5. P&L forecast for the next three years. This forecast must show that you can live off your work here in Germany.

Bear in mind carefully, that you have to prove that you are an artist! German authorities think very formally! If you do not have a diploma, you will have to show this by other means. These "other means" will have to be very persuading. We will help you persuade the authorities.


Step 2: Chasing and Arguing with the Authorities

In this phase, we have to remain patient and kind. Officials are known to be slow. This slowness has the main reason that they are overworked because of an understaffed department, training requirements, etc. Our focus in this phase is to help you acquire your entry visa on time:

  1. actively chasing the consulate and Germany based immigration office, within periods inside our discretion,
  2. answering their legal questions in order to give them the proper understanding and not something harmful for you or your application,
  3. providing a summary of your new legal status after receiving the entry visa,


Registrations after Receiving your Artist Residence Permit

Finally, you have received your permit. You need not only to get your business rolling but also get setup in Germany for taxes and social security correctly. I will help you with both.

After you have received your residence permit, I will take care of your health insurance in Germany. I will introduce you to the statutory health and old-age insurance plan for artists in Germany and register you with them. Being insured by them is in your best interest.

After having received the residence permit, we can also register you for taxation. I will gladly assist with that as well. The setup fee includes registering you for taxation purposes with the tax office and discussing whether or not to bill with VAT. It also includes instructions on how taxation works in Germany in a nutshell and applying for VAT-ID. We also provide the most important hints for deductions in a nutshell, double-check the correctness of your first invoice and if it meets VAT regulations so you do not lose your face with your clients etc...

Step 3: Registrations after Successful Immigration

You have finally got your permit and we want to quickly set you up so that you are registered with the tax office and artists social security agency (aka Künstlersozialkasse) and can start earning money. We will prepare the registration forms for you that you only need to sign them. We will further provide you with a nutshell on business taxes in Germany – the very first information you need on a daily basis to understand your tax situation and duties.

This approach will ensure that you enjoy the privileges of being an artist in Germany. Under certain conditions, artists social security agency authority co-sponsors your health and retirement insurance premiums. They very carefully test that you are a fully-fledged artist. Our goal is to ensure that.

A hint for our American clients: Since you are living in Germany, you have become fully subject to German taxation – parallel to the US. This simply means that you are subject to dual taxation; next to your annual “1040” to the IRS and FBAR to the Department of Treasury, you must file an "Einkommenssteuererklärung".</p

Our services will be:

  1. providing a checklist on what you need to report to each office,
  2. via a handout inform you on the benefits of being with artists social security and your ongoing duties,
  3. filling out the application form on your behalf, to make sure the entries are correct, German authorities despise incorrectly filled forms and easily turn down when not timely and correctly catered,
  4. formally submitting the permit on your behalf.
  5. negotiating legal follow-up questions from the authorities, this is to ensure that they only hear the relevant and correct information,


Services for Spouse and Minor Child(ren):

A trailing spouse and minor children do not automatically come into Germany with the candidate. Just because the candidate applies, does not mean that they will get a permit at all. They have to apply themselves for family reunion to you. In contrast to your needed support, they themselves usually do not require much attention. However, they have a great impact on the financial needs the candidate might have to show. As we highly value the family, we will not bill for minors. This stands under the condition that both your “better half” as well as the children will travel with you and need no special attention is needed.


Our Fees:

We intend to invoice you step by step. The first step will be for you and your better half and any minor children. All fees are ex VAT; 19% VAT will be added for step 3 because you will then be in Germany.

Step 1: Preparing the Application

€ 800

Step 2: Chasing and Arguing with the Authorities

€ 250

Step 3: Registrations after Successful Immigration

€ 800

Supporting the better Half 😉

€ 300

Supporting your Minor Children

€ 0

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