Initial Consultation / Legal "First Aid"

This service will be interesting for you when you want to seriously test your chances / case without having yet to seriously invest into anything. This consultation will provide you with the best immigration strategy taking into consideration tax questions relating to your employment or business setup.

We will arrange a meeting in my office or a Skype conference or phone and verbally discuss everything you have on your mind. It will be my intention to give you 2,002 answers to your 1,001 questions.  This option costs € 100 for an approx. 1 hour discussion online (= Skype) or vis-a-vis in my office.

You would like to have a written summary of our verbal discussion? Though this is generally possible but not included in this service. You can obtain a summary for a surcharge of € 50 which you will receive shortly afterwards. If you find interest in a written summary, please let me know best upfront or at the very latest right at the end of the consultation. I need to make notes to provide you with a summary.

Follow-up questions are best asked via my Service Hotline – when located in Germany!

In the case I will be assigned  on the spot / shortly after the initial consultation, the costs for the initial consultation will be considered as an advance for the representation.

Follow this link to book your appointment, right here and now:

initial consultation for immigration commerce and taxes