Visa for Searching for a Job

Hey, a friend told me I can come to Germany to search for a job. Is this true?? If so, what are the conditions?

Since August 2012, §18 c AufenthG gives academics the possibility to enter and live Germany for exactly the purpose to look around for a job!  Since March 2020, this is also possible for skilled workers.

That sounds great! What do I need to apply?

Well not that much. You need to show that you have an acknowledged diploma and enough funds to finance your livelihood for the next 6 months. You will prove that you that your diploma is acknowledged in Germany via the database: ANABIN.

How do I prove that I have enough funds to live off of? How much is “enough”?

This question has been already discussed in detail on a different page of this encyclopedia – just click the sentence.

Do I have to be in Germany already to get this job hunting permit?

Typically, you are expected to be applying from home. However, if you have become unemployed after a normal employee permit, Blue Card EU, freelancing or shareholding directors permit, you extend your presence with this permit. Otherwise, you are barred from this permit (§18 c III AufenthG).

Darn! What about when my permit expired or almost? Can’t I then just apply for the new permit?

Well, the wording of §18 c III AufenthG is clear: This provision is not applicable for persons having a “different” permit in Germany. However, the intention of the lawmaker is actually different. Highly qualified persons are wanted and needed in Germany. The statute intends to attract qualified persons more easily and to keep them in – best for good. If this provision would be implemented too strictly these goals would be contradicted. It would not make any sense. Since this is legal arguing to a new provision, you will either need some good luck with the case decider or a lawyer to help you.

After successfully finishing my studies here, I spent 1 ½ years to find a job. Unsuccessfully. Yeah, I know though luck. But what are my chances to use this permit?

Well, better be prepared to start packing your suitcases. The response for the last question applies here, too.


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