Residence Registration Services For Foreigners

When planning to live in Germany, the registration of your address is necessary. Germans call this "Anmeldung" We can also help with this requirement.

Police / Address Registration – aka "Anmeldung:

The registration of your physical address is required from every person in Germany – also from you.

Our Service

You don't need to visit this office in person as long as we receive a power of attorney, the original copy of the form signed by you, a signed copy of the landlord's confirmation, and your passport. This service includes

  • filling out the form, and
  • instructing you what you need to take with you so that you only need to sign it and
  • all office fees.

After returning from the office, you will receive your documents returned per registered mail. Any and all authorities' fees will be included.

Our Fees

For this support we charge € 300 in Berlin and € 350 in the neighboring municipalities in Brandenburg.

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