Testing for your Successful Business Immigration

We are highly specialized in supporting the immigration of business persons. Alexander teaches other colleagues on the "how to business immigration".

What is it like to immigrate to Germany for business purposes?

Well, let us answer this way: Politicians and businesses alike are crying: "We need new investors in Germany!" Immigration authorities then think: "Well, that might be so. We must make sure that they meet our expectations. We will take a good look at this new business! We do not quite believe that they can make it."

How will your law firm support us?

This law office works around these parameters to secure you the best possible success. We prefer to serve you step-by-step in order to ensure that you will really achieve your goals comfortably and without losing your face. Do not forget Germany does not offer a "golden visa" approach. Typically, we will have three phases:

  1. Preparing the application.
  2. Chasing the authorities.
  3. Formally placing you into residency.

We will guide and support you in developing a very strong case for the authorities. Inform you of what, how, when, and where in the proceedings. Doublechecking your documentation that it is really supportive. Nothing is worse than a good story with contradicting documentation.

How will you prepare the application? Is it not just filling out the right form to say "I want a business visa"?

Seriously, it is a lot more than saying "We want!". In order to persuade the authorities, we will

  • Supply you with a checklist for all documents to be submitted.
  • Instruct you at which office these documents are to be submitted.
  • Streamline supplementary documents to make sure they are supportive of your application.
  • ask you several questions in the order form on the next page. This will be your business canvas and the basis for a business plan to let the authorities understand your business as vital for Germany.
  • Issue a supplementary letter to persuade the authorities.
  • Provide general instruction on the application proceedings (duration, office fees, opening hours, etc.)
  • Provide the mandatory application form, pre-filled for your convenience.
  • Organize an economist as well as pay him, and "proofread" the business plan from a legal perspective – assuming a business plan is relevant.
  • Provide a summary of any new legal status at every relevant step in the process of applying for the permit.
Do I already need any contacts in Germany?

Yes! One of the vital requirements is already having business contacts in Germany!! They are to supply you / your company with a letter of interest (LOI). I can help with this matter, be it alone with the hints inside the checklist or optional support. I might have a contact or two that could support your business.

What are the requirements for business immigration?

The requirements have been generally described on the FAQ page entrepreneurship and "freelancers".

How long will it take?

Good question, next one, please. Seriously, while we will surely work quickly together; the bottleneck remains with the authorities. Depending on your nationality and current location, it can take a few months.

How likely will I get the permit as a freelancer?

Generally, freelancers are also wanted and needed. This remains true even if you do not roll over significant amounts of investments. To boil it down to the core questions:

  • Have you been trained in what you want to do?
  • Do you have a potential or existing customer in Germany?
  • Will your financial livelihood be secured until the business takes off?

You will get the permit if you can show your line of business will bring momentum to the German economy.

How will you test my business success?

We will need to understand your plans, line of business, finances, and contacts in Germany. We will ask you on the order form, on the next page, many questions. You are requested to honestly respond. Do not forget, whatever you tell me in the form, you will later have to prove to the authorities. Upon receipt, we will carefully evaluate all you present – with a grain of salt.

We will determine the chances and give you further hints where you need fine-tuning. Assuming your line of business does not seem so promising, we will give you a hint to set yourself better up. To clarify what to expect from the "hint": A previous client with the best qualifications wanted to teach Kazakh tax law in Germany as a freelancer. We told him that such a business would never be granted the permit and suggested that he restructure his business idea a bit. We suggest that he opens a consultancy and introduce Kazakh (tax) law to the German energy sector so that they might save tax penalties and taxes in general when doing business in Kazakhstan. German authorities rolled out the red carpet for him.

What are the fees for testing?

Our fees will be € 250 ex VAT flat.

What are the fees for processing the application?

After testing your success, we will quote you fees related to the workload. These fees are negotiable! Our generic approach is that we support you from A - Z. You can easily reduce the fees when you take care of certain tasks by yourself. Typically, we prefer a time fee. In our experience, most applicants initially believe that all seems easy-peasy because we go out of our way to make the approach understandable for you.


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