Services to Apply for Job Hunting in Germany

I personally do not sponsor any person. Please understand that I am not a recruiter but an immigration lawyer who's work normally starts after you have secured yourself a job offer. I can only help you to come over to Germany to find a job and prepare that well. Not having a job but wanting to work in Germany? Best is to search for a job in Germany because you will be "instantly" available for interviews. I am talking of a national visa to come to Germany for 6 months and search for a position and be able to apply from here for that job. This is called "Job Seeking Permit".

Services for Job Hunting VisaConsider that no one will invite you from your home country for the risk of not being satisfied with you. Why? German law provides that the potential employer pays for the travel costs for prospective candidates. The costs for a travel from inside Germany are "nothing" compared to inviting you from your home country. My services for applying for a job hunting permit are offered in 3 steps.

First Step: Testing Eligibility

The first step will be to test your eligibility for a Job Hunting Permit. As this is the main requirement for the successful application, I would like to prevent you embarrassing yourself by applying with a diploma not (yet) acknowledged by anabin. You will have to disclose the amount of your savings to me in total. At this stage, I will fully trust your word and you do not have to prove anything to me. The next thing I will need is a copy of your diploma. If it is not in English or German, then please provide a translation. My assignment will be testing your diploma and determining whether or not your school / profession / degree is acknowledged here in Germany and testing if your funds will suffice for a half year in Germany. This is as long as you will get for this permit. You will receive a letter discussing your eligibility and further hints for a successful application.

Step 2: Preparing your Application

This step then will only make sense if your diploma is acknowledged. My assignment in this step will include:

  • entering your job search into several job searching platforms. I will search for and use those which have best reputation.
  • introducing you to several German recruiters placing international candidates. They will be recruiters which can conceptually cater to your needs and speak English.
  • setting you up professionally on German and international social media platforms for employers to easily find you.

Step 3: Application Proceedings

Once you have several job applications running, it makes sense to apply for the visa. However, it is not the formality of coming up with a letter of interest from an employer but the position also has to match your qualifications. It ought to be "real"; anything else will only backfire in Germany. The services for applying for a residence permit for job hunting will contain the following tasks:

  • supplying a checklist for any and all documents to be submitted, so your application will be complete. Case deciders are extremely annoyed if anything evident is missing, however sometimes they might want more information,
  • I will provide the mandatory application form (pre-filled for your convenience), German authorities hate sloppiness and chances decline when the application form evidently misses important information,
  • instruction on which office the relevant documents are to be submitted, to ensure that each authority gets exactly those documents it wants to see and nothing else,
  • streamlining supplementary documents, German authorities crave to have your story proven, I will make sure that you show correct and relevant data,
  • negotiating legal follow-up questions from the authorities, this is to ensure that they only hear the relevant and correct information,
  • general instruction about the application proceedings (duration, fees, opening hours, etc.), so you know what will happen when and why,
  • providing a summary of any new legal status at every relevant step in the process of applying for the permit,
  • providing you with a contact to recruiting companies that cater to potential employers all over Germany.


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