Extending your Freelancer's Residence Permit

I have arranged a special setup to prepare your income report (Nettogewinnermittlung, NGE) quickly and affordably. This report is a mandatory requirement to extend your permit for freelancing based on §21 I AufenthG.

If you have a permit based on §21 V AufenthG, aka "investor's permit, " you will need an income audit, but most small businesses get away with an income report. Don't know which kind of permit you have? Please do not ask me! Instead, look at your electronic residence title (the card) on the right-hand side and the supplementary green slip that came with the card!!

Income Report vs. Income Audit

Maybe you are asking yourself the difference between an income report and an income audit. The income report relates to the German wording "Nettogewinnermittlung" while the income audit relates to "Prüfungsbericht". The difference is in the details of to report. The income audit needs much more information from you and typically addresses a company's shareholding director on a self-employment permit (§21 para. 1 AufenthG). However, an income audit makes more sense in that constellation if you are close to being eligible for permanent residency. The income audit will already provide most of the information required for a successful application for permanent residence.

Below, I want to develop the services you can choose from. The basic service will be exclusively the income report. In addition to that, I also have a kaleidoscope of optional services for you to choose as you wish. When you have the permit pursuant to "§21 I AufenthG or want to prepare the application for permanent residency, then please choose the supplementary service "audit".

Extending your Freelancing Permit – Basic Services

Since your permit is about to expire, you need to extend it. Immigration wants to connect with you again and determine whether your livelihood is secured. In other words: Have you been making enough money?

My basic services are to develop your income report / audit. Please respect that my assignment and responsibility are not to determine your bookings' correctness or answer any other questions. If I have a simple question, I will call you, so please supply me with your phone number. To issue this vital document, I will need access to your bookings in your bookkeeping program. Please arrange it yourself! I will browse through your numbers, determine your income, and issue your income report for immigration.

This will cost you 150 € ex VAT – flat.

All this is inside my basic services. The terms of supplying are simple:

  1. You will assign me with binding intention upon submission and send the contact form below.
  2. We will invoice you with € 150 ex VAT.
  3. After receipt of payment, I will provide the income report within four working days.
  4. My basic assignment is then completed.

Optional / Additional Support

I often experience that freelancers want/need more support when connecting to a professional. I will gladly support your further than the basic service. Call my service number 09001 529 366 if you have a question or two about extending.

If you have a severe issue you are worried about; then it is better to book an initial consultation.

Here are the optional services I offer:

  1. Drafting a checklist to prepare yourself for the appointment at immigration,
    it will be personalized and typically show all required details,
    € 35
    if you want or need to discuss any necessity in regards to this checklist, please call the service number
  2. Accompanying you to your immigration appointment – either in Berlin or Potsdam,
    When is this needed? Whenever you deem that immigration will be causing problems – for whatever reason.
    My support: I will provide you with a personal checklist of what to bring with you to the appointment. We will meet at immigration around 30 minutes before the appointment and briefly run through your worries and concerns. If "briefly" is not enough support, then please book an intial consultation before. ##verlinke
    I will have the double function: 1) as your interpreter and 2) legal consultant. Wanting to be fair and in the knowledge of immigration not providing sufficient time slots, we plan to only check at most twice a day for free slots. When urgent/short notice, best call my office upfront and request my availability for a specific day and time.
    € 400 for Berlin and for Potsdam € 450
  3. Livelihood Calculator
    Immigration wants to determine that you are making enough money to finance yourself without public support. I have a valid calculator that I can prepare for you. What is the advantage of this calculator? It will save the official's time, and you will get your appointment sooner and/or processing, in general, will be significantly expedited. If I am unfortunate that your income does not suffice, I will provide you with hints on how to cover this gap. It will be your duty to process the leads.
    To process this, please inform me of how high your warm rent for your residential living is and the amount of your health insurance premiums. If you are not single, please mention this in the text box below and inform me of your spouse's gross and net income and health insurance premiums. You can gladly upload the latest payslip.
    € 55
  4. Income Audit
    When applying for permanent residency, it is best to order an income audit. This approach will save you time and money. We will provide you with a checklist of all documents/information needed, which you may upload to a SyncBox we will open especially for you.
    € 490.
  5. Validating your Bookings
    Validating your bookings means I will double-check that you have correctly labeled your bookings. If I notice you erred with a booking, I will leave a note with the booking after correcting it. Likewise, if you have not labeled the movements of your bank account, I will also go through them. The advantage of this support will be fewer surprises from the tax office after an audit.
    € 1.5 – per booking

N.B. All fees are ex VAT.

We look forward to serving you!

You will really need an audit if you are a shareholding director or if you wish to explain to the authorities why you are not so successful as you wish and immigration so expects.
Please provide me with the granting date of your current permit resp. last extension
Please provide me with the granting date of your current permit resp. last extension
Please briefly describe me what your line of business is. I want to understand that your numbers do make sense. Especially, when validating the numbers, I need to know this for plausibility purposes.
Please provide me with the name of your health insurance company and the monthly or annual fee you pay.
Checklist for Immigration Appontment
Though I love to travel, I want to be reasonable. You will need this when you fear immigration will be making issues.
Do you wish that your bookings be validated for your returns as well?
When you are ordering the service "livelihood calcultor" and are married, please mention how much your spouse earns (gross and net), as well as the warm rental costs.
Upload relevant files for the income audit resp. livelihood calculator
DSGVO requires that you accept my statement on data privacy. In order for me to serve you, please accept it.