Founding a Standard GmbH

 A GmbH is the larger German version of a limited liability company. If you are a foreign investor and you want to open a German company, you have a broad spectrum of options. The most common legal form for bigger businesses a German limited liability company or with its German acronym “GmbH”. A “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung” offers a simple structure typically designed for private companies.

Eligibility as Foreigner to Open a Company in Germany

Are you wondering whether you as an alien may be a shareholding director of a German company? You may worry no longer. It permissible that any non-German may be a shareholder even also its director. If you want to understand more why being a foreigner is no issue to be a shareholder, just click this sentence. When you are not or do not wish to come to Germany, then you can found it and run it from abroad as well. I can represent you at the notary and other authorities but only introduce you to a bank.


  • The minimum share capital for a GmbH is € 25,000; as a minimum € 12,500 have to be contributed up front.
  • The minimum number of shareholders is one but at most three – for this specific setup.
  • The minimum number of directors is one but also at most one – for this specific setup.
  • A physical address is required. (A virtual office is only acceptable with a physical address here).
  • The line of business of business is to be described.
  • The articles of association are to be notarized. I will supply though standard but also very future friendly articles of association.
  • The first director(s) are to be appointed.
  • The application of registering the company via the notary is to be submitted to the Commercial Registry.
  • The shareholder (or his special representative, based on a notarized power of attorney) has to sign before a German notary a (short) deed on the incorporation, including the articles of association and the appointment of one or several director(s).
  • The new director(s) has/have to then open a bank account. <a href="/en/services/corporate-services/708-banks" hreflang="en">Having several contacts to different banks</a>, I will introduce you to them. Virtually all German banks require the personal appearance of the founder to open a bank account.
  • The new director(s) has/have to then fund the account with at least € 12,500 (= half of the company stock),
  • Thereafter the notary will apply with the commercial registry (including several statements, e.g. the confirmation that the stated capital has been paid to a bank account of the new company, that an instruction by a German notary has taken place, etc.

If it is inconvenient for you to visit Germany –  just to open a bank account – we might still have a solution. Though it belongs to my services to introduce you to my contacts, I cannot guarantee that they will open an account for you.

After the incorporation, the company has to be registered at least at

  • tax office (incl. VAT ID),
  • trade office,

Depending on line of business, the company might have to be registered with other offices or maybe even require a permission to operate. Click this sentence to find out whether your company's line of business requires permission or not! Get your company a credit of the fees for one hour by pointing out that your company by testing whether your company requires a permission and then informing us when it requires a permission.

Founding Services

We have implemented special procedures to enhance the founding of your company.

Click here to start to founding your company !

Are you in a hurry?

When you are in hurry, consider buying a readymade company. What is the difference? Your need to engage in business! While the founding lasts about 2 months until you have your VAT-ID, you can start with German and non-European sales right after visiting the notary! We can arrange an appointment at the notary in around two weeks.


Beam my Presence to Germany UG (limited liability) is my associate in providing virtual offices and registered addresses for your GmbH or UG. 


Virtual Office

Get your readymade company with a virtual office from BeamDo you want to have a business address without renting physical space? Take out a virtual office! Beam my Presence to Berlin UG (limited liability) is my associate in providing virtual offices for your business in Germany. This approach keeps your private life outside of business.